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Why The MTV Video Music Awards are the Perfect Stage for Taylor Swift's Return

August 25, 2017


Nobody can predict the future, and these days nobody seems to be able to predict what Taylor Swift is going to do either. The past year of the singer's life has truly been a riddle wrapped in a mystery, from her marquee breakup to the "Famous" fiasco to her complete and total disappearance from the world's stage, and it's been especially difficult to follow. 

Yet despite the air of secrecy that surrounds her every private jet flight, social media blackout and possible transportation inside an industrial box, it's time to make some bold claims. Make that a claim wrapped in a suggestion: This Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards are going to be the perfect platform for her resurgence. 



First a look at the evidence. The rumor mill started swirling when it was announced late last month that Katy Perry would be hosting the VMAs. There is certainly no implication that wherever Perry goes, Swift has to follow, but inquiring minds simply had to wonder whether it was all setting the stage for an epic reveal.

The so-called feud had been ramping up this summer after a long dormant time—take, for example, the fact that Swift released all of her albums on Spotify right before Perry's new single was set to drop—so it only seems natural to fans (and the Internet at large) that the time is now. 

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